The region


Indoor play ground

Should you experience bad weahter on one of your vacation days then you can visit the indoor playground in Frankenthal.(20 min). Your kids can “go nuts” here. You can bring your own snacks or you can make use of the cafe which offers snacks decent prices.

Adventure playground

Do your kids love playing outside? Well then take your kids to the adventure play ground in Dudenhofen Iggelheimer Straße 35 (20 min) You will find a huge play ground where your kids can play for hours without getting bored. You will also find a little shop there to buy snacks.


A trip to the Zoo in Landau ( 25 min) is always lovely The zoo has little monkeys, camels and even brown bears.



Whether the weather is good or bad, we definitely recommend the Skaters park in Haßloch (5 min). Your kids and teens can scoot over ramps and can outlive their need to be active! The park offers Snacks and a restaurant but you can also bring your own food.

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