The region



You should not miss a trip to the holiday park (10 min). This is a park for the whole family. It is one of the biggest leisure and adventure parks of Europe, with an area of 400.000 qm. You will find a lot of attractions such as the “Ge Force” rollercoaster., which has been named the greatest rollercoaster in the world several times already. You will also find waterski shows, Free Fall Tower, “Thunderriver” and so on.




The swimmingpool “Badepark” in Haßloch is a popluar swimming pool and well visited by families form the surrounding area. Do you have a more sporty ambition and you want to go for a sportive swim ? You can do that in the “stadion bad” in Neustadt.(15 min) or in the wave pool in Landau (25 min).

Bird Park

In the shadows of old trees in the bird park(5 min) you can observe national and exotic birds. They also have goats which your little ones can stroke. You will need about 1 ½ hour for this trip.

Museum of the region

In the museum of the region “Ältestes Haus” (oldest house) you will experience an impressive journey into the history of the town. The museum is located in an imposing crafted house , which was built in 1599. The museum has an amazing collection typical and ethnological accents of the region’s history: life in the country in the 17,18,19 and 29th century. Farmer, crafts and trade device, documentaries, farmer gardens etc. Entry is for free, guides can be booked according to arrangement.

Strolling around the windmills

The stroll around the windmills has a length of 23 km and passes 6 windmills in Haßloch. You can also go for separate walks between the mills, starting from 1, 5 to 6 km. You can start at every mill going in any direction (see map).

Horse riding

You can go horse and pony riding on the “Ponyfarm & Gestüt”(pony farm and stud farm). Here they offer riding tours through the forest, pony stroll, horse riding lessons, horse riding holidays, birthday parties and trips in a coach. You will find a SAGA-horse riding school on the Iceland horse farm “Zur Sommerweide”, you can take horse riding classes and your children can take part in the horse riding holiday. In addition they also offer guided trips and strolls. In the horse riding and therapy centre “Obermühle” you will find special trained horses for therapeutic and curative horse riding.

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