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German wine street

The German wine street has a length of 85 km. It starts in the North in a town called Bockenheim.(10 min), right at the home of the German Winestreet and ends in on the French border in Schweigen-Rechtenbach, directly at the German wine gate. Top

Palatinate Forest

This nature reserve (20 min) is the German part of the „Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen“ biosphere reserve and is the biggest coherent tract of Forest in Germany. Top

Biking tours

Do you love biking tours on even ways. If so then the herb & carrots route is surely the right route for you! It starts in Bockenheim and leads across a lenght of 138 km to Schweigen-Rechtenbach. Underway you will direcltly pass Haßloch . When desired we can arrange renting bikes and you can simply start in Haßloch. Or do you rather enjoy biking on a mountain bike through the woods? You can „go nuts“ in the mountain bike park, also located in the Palatinate forest. We can also arrange mountainbikes. Top


Take benefit of the proximity to France and plan a trip to the „Elsaß area“ (45 min) or to Straßbourg (1 1/4 Stunden). Top


Going to Mannheim is also worth a trip. (25 min) Surely the Planetarium in Mannheim is interesting for the entire family. Top



Strolling through the old city parts of Heidelberg (40 min) with a visit to the castle is also a special experience. Top


In Neustadt an der Weinstraße (15 Min), which is located right next to Haßloch you can also take a lovely stroll through the old streets. Every year the crowning of the German wine queen takes place in Neustadt. Top

Castle of Hambach

The Castle of Hambach, the cradle of the German democracy is direclty in front of the doorstep(20 min) Hambach is a part of Neustadt and a visit can be combined with a sightseeing tour through Neustadt or a walk throught the Palatinate Forest. Top

Bad Dürkheim


Bad Dürkheim, a health resort, (15min) does not only provide many wellness offers, no it also offers the biggest wine fest of the world. The so-called „Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt“ (Sausage market). Top


Speyer is another highlight (25 min). It is said to be the town with most taverns of Germany per inhabitant. A visit to the Cathedral and the old parts of the city can be well combined with a visit to the technical museum, sea life or the historical museum of the Palatinate,. All of these places can be reached by foot. The historical museum also has great exhibitions and events for kids. Top



Horticultural park and Dinopark

A trip to the Horticultural park and Dinopark in Kaiserslautern is worth a trip for the entire family. There is a train connection starting directly in Haßloch, which takes you to Kaiserslautern within 35 minutes. Top

Wild- and adventure park

The „Kurpfalzpark“ in Wachenheim (25 min) is a large Wild- and adventure park with wild boars, Mufflos, red deer. These animals can be observed in their natural surroundings. Many attractions for young and old people are integrated, such as a summer toboggan, huge slides and great play grounds.Take a whole day in account. Top



The reptilium in Landau (25 min) is extraordinary. This is an experience and visitor- oriented Reptilium. The direct views and explanations during the feeding times are likewise fascinating for children and adults or if you are courageous enough to have a large bird spider scroll over your hand. This trip can be well combined with a visit to the swimming/wavepool “La Ola “and is also a fun experience in bad weather. Top

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