Holiday Home “Abbelschnitz”

Instructions to “book online”


Step 1
Choose the flat you are interested in by clicking on its description (3 bedded flat / 8 bedded flat 125 square metres). These descriptions are underlined. Alternatively, you may click on the shopping basket on the right hand side.

Step 2
Now type in the dates on which you would like to stay, along with the number of people that wish to be staying. The system will now show you a message in case this period of time is not available any more.

In the section “price” you will be able to see the total costs of your visit.

Shopping basket

Step 3
Here you will find a summary of all the information you need. This system is run by the booking system of the palatinate tourist board so you will have to agree to their business conditions in order for the process to continue.

There is a visitor’s tax in Hassloch. Shortly after this you will receive a booking confirmation via email. In this email you will also find our bank details in order for you to do the transaction.


Step 4
Finally, all you have to do is enter your address and your booking is complete.
Now you can print your confirmation.

Book online:

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